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Pet Sitting Services... in Columbia, MO

A Visit: 

Let’s stay home! 

Home to your pet means; 

their bed, food and familiar surrounds within their schedule. 

Let's work together to customize a pet sitting visit for your pet!

Always included at each visit:

Water bowl refill, litter boxes scooped, potty time for pups, pets, attention, 

treats (if provided), accidents cleaned, playtime and/or outdoor time.

(At each visit we always find the cats who like to play hide and seek!)

$25.00 for 30 minute visit 

(up to three pets)

$27.00 for 30 minute visit 

(3+ pets)

Custom visits for longer times can be requested-inquire about pricing!

Take it from a couple retired Home Inspectors;

 Home health and safety are just as important as your pet’s welfare, when you are away.

 Peace Love Paws Pet Sitters puts safety first...

 We make sure your home is locked up at the first visit and when we leave every visit. 

We are knowledgeable of things to look for that might have failed and know how to investigate to find a proper solution! Lastly, we know how to communicate any problems to you so you can get the professional who can help! We take in your mail, newspapers and packages, along with turning lights on or off and opening and closing blinds/shades to give your home the continued lived in look as if you were there. We water your indoor plants and take your trash to the curb!

Daily pictures and/ or updates of your pet...always!

Dog Walk ONLY:

Fresh air and new smells makes for a happy dog!

 We are your North Columbia Dog Walker.

We provide a 30 minute a stroll through your neighborhood for your pup. 

We provide regular weekly walks, 

visits when work (or fun) demands your time,

 or for those folks who are not capable of walking their dog.

No extra cost for water bowl fill up and a belly rub!

$25.00 per walk

Special Needs Pets:

You know your pet(s) best! We customized our services to you and your pet’s needs.

Having worked with special needs pets for so many years with rescue, we know every case is different. We request you contact us and we will work with you and your pet's situation on an individual basis.  Our prices will be fair and decided with your pet's needs in mind!

It’s not a problem if your pet needs medication...

 Pills and injections are a part of our service; if needed.  We do not charge an extra fee, but do require proper instruction and documentation prior to service.

When scheduling with Bobbi, please let her know you need this service.

Holiday Fees:

$5.00 daily fee charged for visited on

  New Year's Eve and Day, Easter, Mother's Day, 

Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day, 

Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Day.

Required Orientation Visit:

We do not charge for the initial orientation visit! 

We feel that we want you to make sure we are the right fit for your pets!

“Key Client”

By letting us Keep Your Key, you will have our flexible schedule availability for those:

Last minute walks needed when your schedule changes

Weekend coverage when you decide to head out for a road trip

Relax… your pet sitter has your back because we’ve got your key!

$10.00 for Key pick up or drop off

*Does not apply to your orientation visit, only subsequent reservations. 

We accept cash or check for payment.

FULL payment will be paid at the initial consultation.

There will be no refunds of any sort due to cancellation for services after 1st visit has started. 

Call 573-818-8485 to set up your FREE orientation! 

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