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Let’s face it; staying at home alone is not for some pets! 

What about a nice quite place for them to vacay while you are away... with country smells, their own room and lots of walkies?

We have a boarding in our home for: 

cats and/or dogs, 

specializing in puppies/kittens, 

older and special needs pets. 

 We have been known for catering to a Diva or two!

Overnights, weekly and extended stays.


*Phone call for availability/pricing

*An on site orientation with your pet

*Signed contract with full payment

*One 24 hour stay PRIOR to boarding 

*All up to date Veterinarian records-

*Rabies vaccine is REQUIRED*

*(If traveling from out of state a Local Veterinarian Wellness Check is REQUIRED)

We do not want to change your pet's diet, so please bring enough food for their stay!

We want them to have the warm fuzees while they are here, 

so bring their favorite bed and toys.

We provide sanitized food and water bowls and their favorite radio tunes!

*We will send daily updates/photos*

Phone calls are REQUIRED for our prices, arrangements and additional information.

-MO AG State Licensed Pet Sitter-

license #AC002K4J exp.01/31/2024 

Call us at 573-818-8485 

(calls are answered between 8 am to 8 pm)

References are available upon request!


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